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Clear Gospel Campaign
by Ronald R. Shea, Th.M., J.D
Topics Touching the Message of Salvation
— Worship Music —
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Introduction to Seeker Friendly Songs
Seeker Friendly "Hymn" No. 1
Seeker Friendly "Hymn" No. 2
Jeptha's Rash Vow
The nature and function of worship music
Classic Christian Hymn #1
Classic Christian Hymn #2
Classic Christian Hymn #3
Classic Christian Hymn #4



Worship Music


by Ronald R. Shea, Th.M., J.D.


The Seeker Friendly Movement.


In my lifetime, churches have transitioned from a choir singing hymns about our Savior to a "worship team" (rock band) performing in front of the church.  In all this time, I have only once noted a married woman serving on the "worship team."   The rest have been single men and women.  It is more than a little obvious to anyone with eyes that the modern "worship team" of the seeker friendly church usually amounts to little more than a stage where a bunch of singles may "preen" and put put themselves "on display" hoping to strut their stuff publicly to attract a spouse.  Anyone who has not noticed this trend is plainly deluded.


The following two songs were the two principle "humns" sung at a singles group of a "seeker friendly" church which I visited for a number of months in San Jose, California.  The lyrics have not been altered to make them appear ridiculous.  The are presented exactly as displayed on a screen by an overhead projector in the singles group of the "seeker friendly" church.


The first thing you will notice is the rather sensual nature of the lyrics.  On closer inspection, you should try to consider exactly what Christian doctrine is reinforced by them.  I can find none.  They could be sung to any entity, from one's lover, to the spirit of some Amazon rain forest god.    Given their suggestive nature, it would be inapprporiate for me to comment on them. 


Whatever they may be, they are an abomination to Christian worship.

Introduction to Seeker Friendly Songs


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