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Clear Gospel Campaign
by Ronald R. Shea, Th.M., J.D
Topics Touching the Message of Salvation
— Regeneration —
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Salvation and Regeneration
Regeneration: Begetting, Conceiving, or Birthing?
Regeneration: New Birth, or New Life?
Regeneration in John 3: What were they thinking?
God's Divine Accommodation in Disclosing His Plan to Man
The Miracle of New Life
New Life: Indissoluble and Unseverable
Regeneration: Holiness and Eternal Life
Regeneration and Eternal Security, Part 1
Regeneration and Eternal Security: Part 2
Regeneration and the Incarnation: So What's the Difference?
So How is Jesus the "Only Begotten Son?"
So What's Going on In John Chapter 3?
Summary fo the Doctrinal Statement on Regeneration





Ronald R. Shea, Th.M., J.D.





The events of the cross resolved the issue of man's guilt before God.  These can be separated into two distinct, but interrelated events.  The Work of Jesus, and the work of the Father.  Jesus, through His death, accomplished the major work of man's salvation.  The words used to describe his death include "sacrifice" (the cost paid, and burden born by Jesus), "redemption" (the price paid to the Father for our forgiveness), "expiation" (the covering of, or taking away of, our sin), "propitiation" (Jesus' death was the peace offering necessary the satisfy God's holy wrath against sin), and atonement, (which is conceptually similar to propitiation).


The work of the Father, which is related to this, is called "justification."  Although the work of Christ was completed in space time in Calvary two millennia ago, when he died to pay for our sins, the benefits of His death are not accounted to us until we believe on Him.  At that moment, The Father declares us "not guilty" on the basis of his Son's work.  This legal declaration is called justification.


These activities of the Father and the Son freed us from the curse of the law, and God's just punishment.  None of these activities, however, changes the fundamental nature of man.  Man's nature is to sin.  And the cross changed man's legal standing before God.  It did not deal with the intrinsic fallen nature of Adam's race.


This essential and fundamental change in man's fallen nature is effected by the regeneration of the Holy Spirit.  Without the regeneration of the Holy Spirit, man would be eternally justified by the blood of Christ, but would remain eternally subject to his fallen nature.  Even in eternity, we would continue to struggle against our sinful tendencies.

Salvation and Regeneration


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