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Clear Gospel Campaign
by Ronald R. Shea, Th.M., J.D
Topics Touching the Message of Salvation
— Predestination and Free Will —
Curriculum Outline and Study Guide | Resurrection | Assurance | Baptism | The Bema | Calvinism | The Gospel Message & Content of Saving Faith | The Creator | Dispensationalism | Eternal Security | Evangelism & Discipleship | Expiation, Propitiation and Redemption | Faith | Fruit . .. Don't you need it? | Grace | Hebrews 10 | Hebrews 6:1-15 | Heirship and Rewards | James 2:14-26 | Jesus is God | 1st John | John MacArthur | Justification | Bilateral Contract Salvation or "Lordship Salvation" | The Market Driven Church | Perseverance of the Saints | Predestination and Free Will | Public Confession of Christ | Regeneration | Repentance | Roman Catholicism | Salvation | Sanctification | The Sheep and Goats Judgment | Silly Gospel Substitutes | "Sovereign" (Irresistible) Grace | Stewardship of the Gospel Message | The Modern "Testimony" | The Ten Commandments: Their Relationship to the Believer | Theology and Doctrine | Total Depravity and `The Bondage of the Will` | Worship Music | Appendix I: Church History from a Free Grace perspective




Clear Gospel Campaign




Ronald R. Shea, Th.M., J.D.


Greetings, friends of Clear Gospel Campaign:


We realize that many sections still lack articles posted on them.  These articles are currently being edited, but will be posted soon.


The completion stands roughly as follows:


Articles that are completed, or Nearly Completed for Topics Touching the Message of Salvation


Articles that are about half completed, or have a large amount of readable material for Topics Touching the Message of Salvation


Articles that are partially complete, but still in need of a great deal of work for Topics Touching the Message of Salvation


Articles for which little or no online posting has been accomplished for Topics Touching the Message of Salvation

  • The Bema
  • Calvinism
  • Doctrine
  • Expiation, Propitiation and Redemption
  • Faith
  • The Gospel Message
  • Heirship and Rewards
  • Jesus is God
  • John McArthur
  • Predestination and Free Will
  • Public Confession of Christ as a Requirement for Salvation
  • Roman Catholicism
  • Sanctification
  • The Sheep and Goats Judgment

We hope that we may have these topics ready soon, and published in booklet form with illustrations and captions, as in the Gospel Booklet.


Translations of The Gospel Booklet:  All posted languages are completed except for Burmese and Polish.


Burmese has been translated, but there are font problems.  Pray for proof reading and a believer who has the necessary fonts to accomplish this.


Polish:  Because I personally key-stroked Polish from a paper manuscript, there were countless spelling errors.  Some solid believers in Poland have taken up the work to correct it.  Pray that they may find the time to do so.


Problem Verse  (The Center drop down menu):  This section will be finished after the important topics in the center (Topics Touching the Doctrine of Salvation and the Purity of the Gospel Message) has been completed.


Doctrinally Sound Links:  None yet


We had hoped to have most, if not all of the "Topics Touching the Message of Salvation" to be completed not later than Christmas, 2006.  As noted, we are not on schedule.  The data bases for the doctrinally sound links will require about $3,000 in web development.  I pray for your donations.  To date, the entire project has been funded out-of-pocket.


We pray that we can be a great resource to you in your understanding of the Gospel of Christ, that you may be more fully able to glorify God in your heart for the great salvation he has given us.  And that you will be more able to share the message of salvation accurately and faithfully.


If you would like to order The Gospel Booklet, please write us at orders@cleargospel.org

And please tell us if God has blessed you through our ministry.


Your brother and fellow servant in the gospel of Christ,

Ron Shea,

Founder and President



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