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Clear Gospel Campaign
by Ronald R. Shea, Th.M., J.D
Topics Touching the Message of Salvation
— Hebrews 6:1-15 —
Curriculum Outline and Study Guide | Resurrection | Assurance | Baptism | The Bema | Calvinism | The Gospel Message & Content of Saving Faith | The Creator | Dispensationalism | Eternal Security | Evangelism & Discipleship | Expiation, Propitiation and Redemption | Faith | Fruit . .. Don't you need it? | Grace | Hebrews 10 | Hebrews 6:1-15 | Heirship and Rewards | James 2:14-26 | Jesus is God | 1st John | John MacArthur | Justification | Bilateral Contract Salvation or "Lordship Salvation" | The Market Driven Church | Perseverance of the Saints | Predestination and Free Will | Public Confession of Christ | Regeneration | Repentance | Roman Catholicism | Salvation | Sanctification | The Sheep and Goats Judgment | Silly Gospel Substitutes | "Sovereign" (Irresistible) Grace | Stewardship of the Gospel Message | The Modern "Testimony" | The Ten Commandments: Their Relationship to the Believer | Theology and Doctrine | Total Depravity and `The Bondage of the Will` | Worship Music | Appendix I: Church History from a Free Grace perspective
Overview: The Purpose of the Epistle
The Message and the Warnings: Four Views
Summary Verses and Thematic Development
The Summary Verses
Summary of the Summary Verses
The Thematic Development of Hebrews
The Thematic Development of the First Two Chapters
Analysis of the Evidence
"Salvation" in the Epistle to the Hebrews




Clear Gospel Campaign




Ronald R. Shea, Th.M., J.D.


The Epistle to the Hebrews


Q.        What was the purpose of the Epistle to the Hebrews?

A.        Believers were defecting to a cultic form of Christianity that included, among other features, animal sacrifice and excessive speculation on angels.  They were moving on to "bigger and better things."  The author argues against this theological defection with two primary lines of thought:  The Carrot and the Stick.  (Or, as they say in Russia, the Cookie and the Whip.)

i)          The Cookie:    Jesus is better than the angels, and his sacrifice is better than animal sacrifice.  Why would they want to embrace teachings that are plainly inferior to the pure Christian faith?

ii)         The Whip:  There are severe consequences for defecting from the Christian faith.





Overview: The Purpose of the Epistle


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