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Chapter 1: The Purpose of Clear Gospel Campaign
Chapter 2: The Defense of the Gospel
Chapter 3: The Clarity of the Gospel
Chapter 4: Equipping the Saints as Evangelists
Chapter 5: Strategy and Goals for Equipping the Saints
Chapter 6: Evangelism Through Multiplication
Chapter 7: The Greatest Hindrance to Evangelism
Chapter 8: The Safeguarding the Gospel Message
Chapter 9: A Program for Sustainable Evangelism
Chapter 10: Working Through The Local Church







Clear Gospel Campaign is committed to fulfilling the great commission.  But before a soul is ever won to Christ, the gospel must first be proclaimed.  We believe that the greatest weakness in the church thwarting the fulfillment of the great commission is the prevalence of false gospels within the church that have perverted or distorted the true gospel of the Bible.


Chapter 1: The Purpose of Clear Gospel Campaign


Clear Gospel Campaign is currently seeking 501 (c) (3) status. All donations are tax deductable.
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